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HatchiBabies have arrived. Having reviewed a number of the Hatchimals toy range in the past, we are always excited to hear about a new addition to the Hatchimals range. It appears that every October 5th, now conveniently termed Hatchimals Day, Spinmaster bring out another new addition to their range. Something different from the year before, with new features, new accessories or new ways of hatching that are a fun twist on the original concept.

So far we’ve had the original Hatchimals, Hatchimals Glittering Garden, and then last October we saw the arrival of Hatchimals Surprise – the first ever Hatchimals with Twins – two hatchimals inside one egg.

Well this year, Hatchimals seem to have raised their game yet again with the arrival of the *new* HatchiBabies – with children being able to learn whether they have a boy or girl in a big reveal.


There are various new elements to the Hatchimals HatchiBabies that make them very different to previous Hatchimals we have seen, specifically:

  • During hatching, Hatchimals HatchiBabies will rock back and forth when the egg is placed on a flat surface, like the baby is desperate to work its way out.
  • A secret message inside the egg once hatched will reveal if your character is a boy or girl. Children will love the anticipation of learning the gender of the character and revealing the big result.
  • There are BRAND NEW hatchimals characters inside – either a Cheetree or Ponette character, both of which are fluffy and super cute with the traditional big eyes which change colour to show how they are feeling.
  • Each egg includes a birth certificate for children to complete, recording the birth of their new HatchiBaby
  • Once hatched, the HatchiBabies egg contains with four hidden interactive accessories including a rattle, bottle, hair brush and little buddy for them to cuddle. Each accessory encourages a different interactive reaction from your HatchiBaby including making them burp, glug their food or laugh as they are tickled.
  • The removeable holder in the egg can also be used to create a little highchair for your HatchiBaby

What’s the same about HatchiBabies?

  • HatchiBabies still require love, tapping, and rubbing to hatch in the same was as previous Hatchimals.
  • They still crack and tap their way out of the egg.
  • The more you play with your HatchiBabies hatchimal, the more different features and interactive games you will unlock.
  • Batteries are included.

Hatchimals HatchiBabies are sure to be a popular choice this Christmas, and are available from The Entertainer for £59.99. You can learn more on the Spinmaster website.

*This is not a sponsored post, and I am yet to try Hatchimals HatchiBabies myself, I just wanted to share as I am a big fan of the Hatchimals range*

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