Surprise Twin Zuffins

Hatchimals Surprise Twin Zuffins + BONUS CollEGGtible

When you’re thinking about which toy to get for your toddler, you want to get something interesting, something special, right? Well, with these adorable twin creatures that hatch from an egg, you can’t go wrong. My kids adore Hatchimals, and when I heard that there’s a new, exclusive species, I just had to find out more!

As every parent already knows, Hatchimals are insanely popular because they are so unusual, but this latest product is even more interesting than the previous ones. So if you are considering getting these adorable twins for your kid, read this review.

What are Hatchimals?

Only one of the most popular toys in the world at the moment!

Every Hatchimal comes inside an egg. Once you open the box, you have to wait for the creature to hatch from that egg. When this adorable, plushy, fluffy little thing busts out of its egg, it will learn how to talk, walk, and play games with your child.

Every Hatchimal has five life stages –egg, hatching, baby, toddler, and child. Their eyes show their feelings by changing color accordingly. When your Hatchimal is angry, its eyes are red, when it’s hungry they turn purple, when it wants to burp, they are orange, etc.

So, it teaches your child something about responsibility. Your kid will have to feed it, pet it, teach it what to say – a great gift if you’re considering a pet (but don’t want the mess, cleanup, expense, or hassle that owing a pet requires).

What is a Hatchimals Surprise Zuffin Egg?

hatchimal zuffinsWhen you get one of these eggs, you don’t get just one creature, you get twins. These cute siblings will interact both with your child, and with each other. They will tell each other ”I love you”, exchange jokes, and even lovingly bicker – just like real siblings. One loves to dance, the other loves to chat. There are three species of these twins – Peacat, Giraven, and the exclusive Zuffin.

Zuffin twins have working little wings just like Peacat and Giraven, but unlike them, these have cute pink, blue and purple fur zebra stripes. As always with these eggs, there’s the element of surprise – you never know if you’ll get fraternal or identical twins.

So, what am I buying?

Once you decide to order this product, you won’t just get twin Zuffins, you will also get a bonus colleEGGtible blind bag.

When your box arrives, it will have one Hatchimals Surprise Zuffin Twins Egg, a user’s manual, a cheat sheet, 1 bracelet, and a bonus blind bag pack.

In the package, you also get 2AA batteries, and 3 LR44 button cells batteries. Before you ask, the CollEGGtibles need no batteries.

Who is this toy suitable for?

According to the manufacturer, this is a toy for children who are at least five years old. To be honest, it’s a toy for the entire family. When we got it, the entire family sat around the egg, waiting for it to hatch.

When we saw those rainbow eyes through the shell, that was it. These toys were no longer the property of my kids, but became a source of amusement for all of us.

What do people say about Hatchimals Surprise Twin Zuffins + BONUS CollEGGtible

I spent some time searching for parents who posted their impressions online, and overall, people love it. So, it’s not just my family that likes it. Almost every person that bought a Hatchimal loves this truly engaging, interactive toy.


In the end, if you are anything like me, you will love this toy as much as your child does.

With Hatchimals there are no dangers, no controversial materials, and no down sides.

Well, almost no down sides – Zuffins are rare, so if you want to get these wonder twins for your little one, you better act quickly.

It’s a perfect gift, it’s incredibly interesting, and it’s educational – what more can you ask from a toy?

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