Surprise Ligull Hatching Egg

Hatchimals Surprise Ligull Hatching Egg with a Twin

Kids love mystery, and they are enchanted by every little thing. It’s no wonder most of us wish we could be kids again, just for a moment! Since this is impossible and we all know that growing up isn’t all fun, how about a chance to give your child the best memories?

What are Hatchimals?

While there are many toys you can get kids, the festive season is incomplete without this Hatchimals Surprise Ligull Hatching Egg with a Surprise Twin. In case you don’t know it yet, hatchimals are tiny magical creatures that live in magical speckled eggs. However, you and your child won’t know what is in the egg until you crack the shell. The hatchimals remain a surprise to kids for all that time. That is what makes the game interesting.


  • They are interactive
  • They have feelings
  • They grow
  • The twins have different personalities
  • They communicate


Every egg has two interactive toys inside, and your kids can hold them to hear their heartbeats. They flip when you flip the eggs, and they will tap back when you tap. Sounds like an intriguing blast, doesn’t it? The other thing you should know is that, unlike chicks, these eggs can’t hatch without your child’s interaction.

How to Play with the Toy and Why Your Child Needs It

What makes this Hatchimals Surprise Ligull Hatching Egg with a Twin special is that the hatchimals require extra love colleggtibles with twinand care compared to most other toys. You have to care for your hatchimal when in the egg and the exciting bit is that it will light up and make cute sounds so that you know what it is feeling. The rainbow eyes tell that it is time to hatch. This isn’t just fascinating to kids; it is a great way of teaching kids empathy.

After playing with the toys that are inside the egg for a long time, you will see the toy’s rainbow eyes.  Note that the toys will need your help to hatch. You can encourage it to get out of the shell by touching the egg as it pecks the shell. Once the first hatchimal is out of the egg, you will have to lift the second hatchimal out of the egg. The hatchimals have different personalities so, you should be ready to play. One surprise twin loves to move, and the other twin repeats everything you say!

What happens after the hatching?

Well, that is where all the work begins. After it hatches, you will need to raise your hatchimal through three stages from baby, to toddler, and to a kid. You and your kids will also get to teach the hatchimal how to walk, play games, dance, tell jokes, and so much more. Instinctively, the hatchimals understand that every milestone is worth celebrating. Your hatchimal will sing ‘Happy Birthday’ every time it enters a new stage.

When teaching it, it repeats what you say to it in its voice. This means that every child and adult will have a spectacular time with the hatchimals.

The other feature that stands out from this set and what makes it ideal for pre-kindergarten kids is the weight. It is lightweight, and that makes it suitable for kids aged four and above.

This Ligull toy makes the best birthday gift for kids. The other unique feature of these hatchimals is that they bicker, just like human siblings but, what will melt your heart is hearing them say “I Love You” and they will feel sad if apart from each other for too long.

For more hatchy fun, make use of the sticker sheet accessory to decorate your world. The set comes with 2 AA batteries and an instructions guide and a cheat sheet.


  • Interactive
  • Two inside each package
  • Makes a great birthday gift
  • Lightweight


  • Only ideal for kids above four years


If you are looking for an interactive toy for a child’s birthday or you need a solution to teach about empathy, communication, and responsibility, get this Hatchimals Surprise Ligull Hatching Egg with a Surprise Twin.

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