Colleggtibles Buyer’s Guide – Season 2

Buyer’s Guide For Colleggtibles: Best Models Revealed

Hatchimals Colleggtibles may look like ordinary Christmas toys, but they are something far better. They are toy collectibles for children, meaning that they bring a lot of joy and laughter for children for a long time. These simple toys are great gifts simply because children adore them.

When it comes to choosing the best Colleggtibles, there are a few things to keep in mind. First of all, choose a season. Start from the Season One and move up. There are more than 70 characters in all, so your goal should be to collect them all. Your kids will certainly want to, so why not oblige?

Next comes the collectible map. This map will assist you in accounting for the characters you’ve collected. Of course, it comes with a nest, which is simply a place to put those hatching eggs. It’ll probably be on the “mandatory” list sooner or later. Other than that, a number of the eggs in the package is an important factor.

CollEGGtibles 4-Pack + Bonus

This is probably the most desirable package of them all. First and foremost, there are four Hatchimal characters and one bonus. This bonus character is not in an egg, and can be easily seen after you open the package. Next is the collector’s map, which is also included in the package. There is no need to tell you that all characters, eggs, and maps are constructed well and they’ve paid a lot of attention to the details.

colleggtibles The hatching process begins by rubbing the purple heart on each egg. Clever, huh? Rubbing it will change its color to pink. Pink means that it is ready to be cracked and opened. Your child just needs to apply a bit of pressure to the eggshell, and the character will be revealed.

Unfortunately the four pack does not contain a nest. You’ll have to purchase the 12 pack to get the nest.


  • Collector’s map is included in the package
  • Bonus character
  • Hatching process is clever
  • Quality of the eggs


  • Bonus character is revealed without hatching
  • No nest

Colleggtibles 12-Pack Egg Carton

Children of all ages will love this package. First of all, it comes with ten characters, allowing your kids to instantly build a great collection. (Never mind that you’ll probably be able to resell them years from now for 2x or 3x what you paid for them today). Ten characters are inside the eggs just waiting for you child to “coax” them out of their shells. Two characters have already been revealed and are waiting for your child to hold them. Or in somehatchimal reviews 2017 cases, your child may be shy about the eggs and will want to know what’s inside. She’ll already know the types of toys that will be. This package comes with a collector’s map as well. We also liked this package due to the fact it offers one Flamingoose. For those not familiar with this little character, the Flamingoose was revealed in Season One and it’s a pink bird resembling a flamingo and a goose, hence the name.

The egg carton is designed to be a nest, something which appeals to children from all parts of the world. Rack ’em and stack ’em, as they say. The more you collect, the more fun your children will have. It would be an interesting non-scientific experiment to see which toy your children gravitate to. It will be a different toy for each as each child’s personality is different. Perhaps the manufacturer could conduct a survey in this regard.


  • 12 characters in the package
  • A “nest” which is a colorful carton
  • Stackable cartons which make the toys easy to carry as well.
  • Exclusive Flamingoose


  • The egg carton or nests are a bit shallow
  • Not the cheapest toy on the market

Hatchimals Colleggtibles Exclusive Season 2 Burtle Collectors 4-Pack + Bonus

Burtles. Don’t you just love that name? The Burtle Collection. Brilliant.

hatchimals review amazonYour kid is going to love this collection. And this is definitely an exclusive collection! It is also Season 2, which is great for kids who have collected most characters from Season 1. That’s why the speckles on the eggs are different, and you can tell a lot studying their color and size.

This model comes with four characters and plus a bonus character. It’s decent value for your money. The main reason this package is not rated well is because it does not include a collector’s’ map. The hatching process is the same as it was in Season 1, and probably the same it will be in Season 15 if the fad lasts that long.


  • Exclusive package
  • Bonus character
  • Introductory new characters
  • Identical hatching process to Season 1


  • No collector’s map
  • Packaging looks a little cheap

Hatchimals CollEGGtibles Season 1 4-pack + bonus, 2-pack + nest, 1 blind SET

When it comes to a variety of characters and possibilities, this package is superb – the best, really. It offers four eggs hatchimals surprise toys r usplus a bonus figure, or 2 eggs and a nest. You’re also buying “blind set”. This means you have no idea what’s in it. It’s good and bad I suppose. It’s like buying “a pig in a poke,” as they say, but you’ve got better odds that it’ll be a great gift. It is one large egg that is randomly selected and delivered. All children like these and adore the bonus character. It was hugely popular in 2016. It went viral and people had a hard time finding ones for their pleading children. It’s a mistake many parents won’t make this year. There’s no reason to believe that 2017 will be any different. But who can know for sure except for marketers who have all the recent data about consumer spending on toys.

This collection is a great addition to those who already have a few characters and now want to increase their number. The nest is a great addition to the mix.


  • A blind set is challenging
  • Nest is well-made and interesting
  • Bonus character is included
  • Random assortments


  • No collector’s map
  • Collecting all of these toys is nearly impossible, but many will try.

Exclusive Hatchimals CollEGGtibles Owlicorn Season Two 2-Pack + Nest

hatchimal reviews 2017Owlicorn is an exclusive collection of Hatchimals Colleggtibles. That’s an understatement. It’s a hot gift at the moment. In fact, you may be too late because these little guys seem to be flying right off the shelves of most big box stores. This particular model seems to be hitting its stride and is extremely popular. Good for Spin Master the manufacturer, but not so much for you.

This package comes with four collectibles and two nests. Each next is different than the ones you might find in other packages.  After all, Owlicorn is an entirely new collection.To go one step further, there are three sets in this series. The color of the nests may vary. Currently three nest colors are available: purple, aqua, and blue.

Mom, Dad. This is a must-have package. It is more than just essential for kids who have mastered the Hatchimals CollEGGtibles and are looking for a new way to increase their private collection. New characters are just another advantage we liked and kids will like as well.


  • Two nests are included
  • Owlicorn Season 2 is rare (which means high value a few years from now)
  • Four collectibles are included
  • Better value for the money


  • Only three color versions of the nests
  • All three sets are extremely difficult to obtain


Hatchimals Colleggtibles makes children feel special and helps them explore the whole new world of playing. It actually transports them into the adult world for just a bit. These gifts are simple but elegant, and will provide your children with weeks and months of fun. Warning, though, you may get tired of them yourself because your daughter may replace part of her relationship with you for the special treat she’ll find inside the egg. Not to worry so much though because she’ll grow out of it by the time she’s 18!

If you purchased these gifts last year, there’s probably a reason you’re back for more. You know how special they are. If you’re here again and ready to purchase, welcome back and stay for a bit! Furthermore, these toys boost motivation, cognitive skills, and your child’s imagination. How could you not like them?

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