Hi. My name’s Tammy and I am a 32-year-old stay at home Mom with a mission to take care of my family and earn a few dollars in the process. I have a boy – aged 7, and a girl – aged 9. They really are my testers. Talk about honesty and reliance. If they don’t like something, they’ll tell me point blank. If they love it, they’ll gush and tell some of their friends. It’s really a great proving ground for the toys I review.

My husband’s a manufacturing engineer who travels quite a bit overseas. We all like hiking, biking, and traveling to places we’ve never been before. For vacations we never go to the same location twice. When our children each turn 13 they get a chance to go anywhere in the world to celebrate. Anywhere. It’s a fun little treat and already my daughter has a list of twelve places she wants to go see. Only one Anna, only one.